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・ 表(下の写真)の左上の文章

Hello Waterface:
Wellcome To Miami Beach. Everything is
cheaper than it looks, As you know, the
Santa Monica Flyer is the longest train
around. It's so fast and straight with its
up to date. I'm just down here working on
BB's plane crash album and it sure looks
good to me.

Tonight's the night. We're gonna get
loose in the caboose with our backs to the
tracks. Yes, we're all on vacation and we
deserve it. Waterface, I sincerely hope
you can make it back in time.

It all feels so strange. This train is
just too fast. It never stops you know.
Unless you get off. But I remember BB. He
Called my name. He said, "tell Waterface
to put it in his lung and not in his vein."

Remember " Sambo" who used to broad-
cast from the tank? He's off the air but
he doesn't care. I'm sorry. You don't know
these people. This means nothing to you.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Just
give me a white cane and polaroid avoid.

Goodby Waterface

P.S. Please take my advice